VIP Taxi Innsbruck is an offer from Turgay Koc OG, Spingeserstraße 17, 6020 Innsbruck. The terms and conditions of Vip-Taxi are part of each Vip-Taxi agreement regarding Vip-Taxi’s passenger transport offer. The latest terms and conditions at the time of signing the contract, published on the official website of Vip-Taxi (www.vip-taxi.at), apply.


With the written confirmation of an offer offered by Vip-Taxi, the customer gives a binding booking order. Vip-Taxi strives to confirm or decline as soon as possible. Only with the confirmation of the booking order by Vip-Taxi, in most cases by e-mail, the General Terms and Conditions between customer and Vip-Taxi apply. Errors on the part of Vip-Taxi in the order confirmation are to be reported to Vip-Taxi as soon as possible, otherwise there is no right of revocation.


An offer is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Short-term changes to the travel arrangements must be discussed with the driver in detail. Additional travel routes and waiting times will be charged by Vip-Taxi in accordance with the price regulations valid at the time of the journey. A shortening of the journey or the waiting times has no influence on the agreed invoice amount. In the event that the customer is not himself a passenger, the passenger has the right to change short-term changes to the travel arrangements. Excess baggage, animals, children under 12 years or smaller than 150 cm must be reported VIP taxi. Otherwise, the trip may not be carried out, but it must be charged the full fare. Accidents, congestion or heavy traffic have no consequences for the customer.


Vip-Taxi maintains the following offers, which include separate cancellation policies, vehicles and services. Vip-Taxi reserves the right, without further notice, to rebook the customer or the passenger (s) in whole or in part, without any cost implications, into a higher booking class.


Vip-Taxi Business is the standard offer of Vip-Taxi. This is offered by Vip-Taxi, unless otherwise requested. Depending on the number of passengers, the order will be made, unless otherwise agreed, with a Mercedes E-Class (1-3 passengers) or a Mercedes Vito (4-6 passengers). The standard rebooking, cancellation and delay rules apply (see Rebooking, Cancellation, Delay).


Rides carried out in the Vip-Taxi Premium offer are carried out, unless otherwise agreed, with a Mercedes S-Class (1-3 persons) or a Mercedes V-Class (4-6 passengers). The Vip-Taxi Business / Premium Rebooking, Cancellation and Delay Policy applies (see V.I.). Additional services such as OnBoard WiFi, iPad with multimedia data, blankets, drinks and more can be offered by arrangement, usually at no cost.
Vip-Taxi Hours / Roadshow Hours / Roadshow is not a booking class in the strict sense. The hourly booking can be booked with all previously mentioned transport classes. A roadshow or hourly booking can only be made within the pick-up area and is linked to a kilometer maximum.


It is essential that all changes to the travel arrangements and cancellations must be reported to Vip-Taxi at least 24 hours before the scheduled journey. There are no rebooking fees. Bookings made less than 24 hours before departure can not be confirmed in all cases and only with an additional rebooking fee. If a transfer can not be confirmed by Vip Taxi less than 24 hours before departure, or if the booking is canceled less than 24 hours before departure, the full amount will be charged. Waiting time at the customer or flight delays are charged with the valid for the booking class prices for waiting times. The driver waits two hours, if the passenger does not show up, the order will be canceled and the customer will be charged the full fare plus the two-hour waiting period at the waiting time for the booking class. Vip-Taxi Business and Vip-Taxi Premium offer special rebooking, cancellation and delay arrangements.

For bookings during the Orthodox Christian holidays between 02.01 – 10.01. Each year special cancellation conditions apply. Cancellation of booked rides until December 20th: 50% refund, cancellation until 31.12 .: 25% refund, from 01.01. January: No refund.
These days 02.01-10.01. There may be delays in the collection of guests every year. There is a duty of waiting for the customer for up to one hour for which no fee can be claimed.


Passengers must be strapped in at all times and children must be strapped to child seats in accordance with current legislation. The subsequent costs of incorrect operation and destruction of the device of the vehicle by the passengers will be charged to the customer. It is prohibited for passengers to smoke while driving in the vehicle. Even entrained food may only be consumed where no contamination of the vehicle. Violation may result in the immediate unloading of guests and billing of damages. The damage must be paid in cash.


Vip-Taxi is not liable for consequential costs incurred as a result of an accident, traffic jam, heavy traffic or force majeure. Vip-Taxi is not liable for thefts that were started during the absence of the passengers and the driver. Vip-Taxi is not liable for any damage caused during the journey.
Vip-Taxi is entitled to change the terms and conditions at any time and without further notice. Jurisdiction is District Court Innsbruck. Stand Innsbruck 2018